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QR Generator

This is an Academic Project by Jiju Thomas Mathew.

Looking for a convenient way to create QR codes without any downloads or software installations? Look no further! Our innovative QR code generator allows you to seamlessly create QR codes for:

Key Features:

Simple and User-Friendly: Our intuitive interface makes QR code creation a breeze. Just enter your text, URL, or phone number, and the code is generated instantly.
Browser-Based: No downloads or installations required! Use our QR code generator from any device with a web browser.
Pinch and Zoom (Temporary): While the download functionality is forthcoming, you can currently capture the generated QR code by pinching and zooming to enlarge it on your screen, followed by a screenshot and crop.
Download Coming Soon: Enhance your user experience with a built-in download option for QR codes in the near future.

Why Use Our QR Code Generator?

Versatility: Generate a wide range of QR codes for diverse applications.
Convenience: No downloads or installations – use it from any web browser.
Ease of Use: Our intuitive interface streamlines the QR code generation process.
Accessibility: Create QR codes for text, links, and direct WhatsApp chat link.